licmeon wish to all my customers a happy new year

happy to have this time to wish you a happy new year to all we ve been working with, all who have visited this website, and hoping we will be more in touch in the coming years

in this 2014  i wish you all the year of hapiness

a year of chance,money,good work, good experience in every various domain you face with.


thank you all

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Carry On Christmas


It has been a while since I was involved in the production of a TV advert so I was delighted to find myself ‘on-set’ managing the appearance of one of my clients in two music videos last month.

What made it even more special, was the filming of the videos at the legendary Pinewood Studios – home of the Carry Ons, Superman films, James Bond series and other blockbuster productions.

Brad Pitt and Helena Bonham Carter we’re even in the studio next door filming Ridley Scott’s latest film, but that’s another story.

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Explosion Rocks Apartment Building In Lincoln Park

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Train carrying oil derails, explodes in Alabama

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Papa Francesco con Unitalsi

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Givenchy Spring/Summer 2014

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The winter tie

La Thrift

FtpWSgLyX7Y6nHRa73O7gA4jYWohEl4mqlC1Ph-Kmjs[1]Model: Ghislain

Photographer: Alice Nguyen


Plaid wool scarf: Value Village

Ralph Lauren turtleneck: Goodwill


Scarves are so inexpensive at VV boutique or at GoodwillI that it makes it hard not to leave with a basket full of them.  I think that ever since I got into that whole thrifting thing I have reached some next level of hoarding. So much that if my manfriend wanted me to hook him up for a full month with a different look everyday I probably could take the challenge, too bad he’s not into thrifting.

La Thrift

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Creative Koi

Japanese lucky cats are one the many symbols happily adopted by Western culture without a lot of knowledge behind the meaning. Wikipedia has an excellent description, but the short story is that they are meant to bring good luck or wealth to the owner. The paw is raised in beckoning, rather than waving as usually thought in western culture. I have a collection of them (6, in various colours and materials at last count), and while I can’t say they’ve necessarily brought me luck, I do like the figurines for their heritage, and the interesting folklore associated.

Do you have some kind of a symbol for luck? Has it worked? Please share!

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Adapting to a New Pace & Attending a Book Launch!

Tranquil Dreams

Nanowrimo has started for a week now.  Surprisingly, a lot of my life has been consumed with it.  I can’t help but to be drowning in my own story.

On Thursday, I had a moment walking to work where my mind was still waking up and I found myself feeling like my character in my story.  Weird feeling, ladies and gents.  I pulled myself out pretty quickly but thats what happens when you have to cough up 1666 words a night, I guess. I usually aim for more.  It also marked the first day I had to stand on the way home and scribble in the upright position while balancing myself.  Probably didn’t look too elegant 😉 Still extremely efficient.  That fell apart when Friday came around and I was a full day behind and haven’t been able to catch up.  Right after this post, thats what I’ll be doing…

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Winter in Canada

I am not finished

There are only two things I like about winter in Canada;  hoarfrost and Christmas.


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Soweto Towers

They're Calling To Me

Built in 1951 as part of the Orland Power Station serving Johannesburg, South Africa from the South West Township of Soweto, the Soweto Towers have become one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. The power plant was decommissioned in 1998 after 56 years of service. Now, the towers are used for art, and advertising. One tower serves as a giant billboard. The other tower contains the largest mural painting in South Africa. But, even cooler than the art, is the action. You can bungee jump or base jump from a platform bridge between the Two Towers.

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A Nation of Shopkeepers


freelancer n : A person hired to do specific assignments, not employed continuously

The world of the freelancer is a stressful place to be.

In my career as a Communications Specialist I have worked with many different clients, in many different business sectors and have often been approached by marketing, advertising and PR agencies to provide freelance support.

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Four confirmed dead after Canadian-owned chopper ditches off coast of Scotland

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The Tripoli Explosion.Let It Be Love.

Blow Your mind Away

No I wont post pictures of the explosion and the damages.No I wont quote the politicians and religious figures.No I wont give up to negativity.No I wont let them take us were they want to.


I want to forget the destruction and blood I saw when I rushed home after hearing the explosion to make sure my son and parents are OK and how the building where my son and ex wife live was severely damaged and how we had to force the stuck door to free them out and how I almost collapsed when I saw the blood on my son’s hand when he rushed to hug me.

I want to forget the terror of that day.


No matter how much I curse and criticize my city and its inhabitants,I can’t deny that I love it so much and that I love my fellow citizen with all their simplicity.

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Pretty Little Tokyo Cross Stitch

Everything Anna

Found this awesome cross-stitch pattern while browsing Etsy the other day by Satsuma Street.

“This cross stitch pattern of a stylized Tokyo skyline features the Tokyo Tower, the Rainbow Bridge, the Tokyo City Hall, the Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower, the Sky Tree, Senso-ji Temple, and Mt Fuji. Shinto gates, cherry blossoms, and a boat complete the scene.”

I was really into cross-stitch when I was a tween and just might have to rekindle my passion long enough to make this! 😀

Have you heard of the Rainbow Bridge or the Cocoon Tower? I know I haven’t… but maybe I should have?  


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Man in Power Ranger costume becomes hero of Tokyo subway station

boldcorsicanflame's Blog


It’s not the real Green Ranger, but a 27-year old man purchased a costume of the 1990s superhero in a discount store for 4,000 yen ($41). During his spare time, the masked good samaritan comes to a subway station in western Tokyoto help people carry heavy bags or assist mothers with baby strollers when they need to use the stairs.

Japanese people find it hard to accept help, they feel obligated to the other person, so the mask really helps me out,” shared Tadahiro Kanemasu, the man behind the mask of Green Ranger. The colour chosen was inspired by the greengrocer where Kanemasu is working, but he has also purchased pink and red costumes. He also got the idea for his good samaritan deeds from children he met in his workplace.

Compared to how Kanemasu started, he claims that people have been more positive in their response…

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River Congo – Excerpt 7

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Rwanda warns DR Congo forces after cross-border shelling


Rwandan Defence Forces Soldiers

Rwanda’s army has warned neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo, who it accuses of deliberate bombing over the border, that it will not stand by “indefinitely”, it said in a statement late Friday.

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(4)Mass Extinction of Animals, Worldwide for at least 3 years (2011, 2012, 2013), August 23rd It still Continues…..

boldcorsicanflame's Blog

2013 – Mass Animal Deaths

23rd August 2013 – 10 TONS of dead fish discovered in a lake in Rio, Brazil. Link

22nd August 2013 – MASSIVE Bee die off (300 hives) “due to pesticides” found in Yiyang County, China. Link

22nd August 2013 – 106 bee hives die off in Luquan, China. Link

22nd August 2013 – 30,000 dead fish along a 4 mile stretch of Panther Creek in Illinois, America. Link

22nd August 2013 – Thousands of fish die “due to pollution” in Enler River, County Down, Northern Ireland. Link

21st August 2013 – UPDATE: 300 Dolphins have washed ashore dead this summer along east coast of AmericaLink

21st August 2013 – Thousands of bees found dead near hives in Cottage Grove, OregonAmericaLink

21st August 2013 – Thousands of dead fish found in a lake in Kuala Lumpur,MalaysiaLink

21st August…

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Philippines ferry crash leaves at least five dead

Journal From Romania

by BBC
At least five people have died and 250 people rescued after a ferry carrying some 700 people collided with a cargo ship in central Philippines.

The ferry, MV Thomas Aquinas, began sinking after hitting the cargo vessel on Friday evening near the central city of Cebu, officials said.

Coastguard and naval vessels were joined by local fishing boats in the rescue effort, which is continuing.

With so many still unaccounted for, it is feared the death toll could rise.

The ferry, carrying 692 people, was sailing into the port at Cebu – the country’s second biggest city – when it collided with the cargo ship travelling the other way at about 21:00 local time (01:00 GMT).

“The impact was very strong,” Rachel Capuno, a spokesperson for the owners of the ferry, told local radio.

She said the ship sank within 30 minutes of the collision, the AFP reports.

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