Weird things about Barcelona

Expand Your Limits Just A Little Bit More

The lifts
Press the button outside the bank of lifts to select the floor you want. Get in the lift and realise there’s no button inside the lift. What if you change your mind? Too bad. Wait, the lift didn’t stop at the floor I wanted. Why not? Get out of the lift and press the button for the right floor. Get back in. Now the lift has descended back to where I started and it still didn’t stop on my floor. What’s going on? Finally, someone explained it to me after I’d been up to the 19th floor and back down again. Once you’ve pressed the button, you have to check the display to see which number lift you should take. You can’t just take the first lift that opens on your floor, as it may not be the right one for you, even if it is going in…

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