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In my previous post, I alluded to the frustrating ability German bureaucrats have in making even the most simple of tasks difficult. I often theorized that they created their labyrinth of regulations as a way to create more posts in which they could install like-minded drones.

A German friend of mine, Reinhard “Nick” Nicklaus, and I operated an off-the-books used car business during my time in Berlin. Nick taught me many things about the ins and outs of existing within the confines of the German bureaucracy. One tenet that was actually mind-blowing to an easy going American: “Never, ever lose a title to any car,” he warned. Why? Because the endless regulations and paperwork needed to get a new title made the task not almost but actually impossible.

Lose your title and you may as well junk the car – which was also almost impossible without a title.

My theory about…

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