Forty Yolks per Kilo

A Chef's Wife

The winemakers at Cantina del Pino were extremely nice, however no one spoke any English… Jay and I were left to stumble through that winery tour, piecing together the puzzle of their explanations and giving it our best guess as to what they were saying. We are pretty familiar with most of the Italian words for wine and things related, so we could make out most of that part. It is hard to focus on tasting when you are extremely distracted from trying to decipher what exactly you are drinking and how it was made. That was probably our shortest tour…

We spent the afternoon walking through and shopping in Alba. At least, I shopped, while Jay enjoyed a Campari & soda at the café.

Our last winery for the day was San Biagio. This is an old, family owned and operated winery in Barolo. After a look at…

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