Daily Tarot for August 23, 2013

Dragonfly Moon Tarot


Today’s card is one of my favorites, it’s the Hierophant. In a more traditional deck, the Hierophant may also be known as the Pope and he is pictured as a Catholic pope or some other authority in church garb. He usually represents higher learning, traditional hierarchical values, and institutional dogma of some kind. He may also represent a connection to higher power, and a spiritual teacher.  Sounds stuffy right? Why should this card be one of my favorites? It’s because in the Mythic Tarot the Hierophant is represented by Chironthe Centaur who is the trainer of heroes, agent of the Gods. This adds a whole new dimension to the card.

Firstly, Chiron himself is a mentor. Gods have delegated him to train young candidates to be heroes.  Being a centaur, his spirituality is very earthy, centaurs usually are connected to the very basic and primal instincts of…

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